Welcome to the FED...

About Us

Founded in 1931, the Yorkshire and Humberside Federation of Museums and Galleries was one of the first regional federations to be established. It is the only dedicated membership organisation for people working in or for the benefit of Museums and Galleries in the region. It exists to represent, support and develop its members through regular meetings, newsletters, training, consultation and lobbying.

How We Work

The Fed is a membership organisation run by you, for you!

The Fed is administered by an Executive Committee made up from its membership, and elected by you, the members, at the AGM. The Executive Committee reports back to the membership via quarterly meetings, which are open to all.

The Fed is only as active as its members. The Committee is open to all and we are very keen for members to express an interest in joining the Committee to keep a flow of new ideas coursing through the organisation!

Registered company number: 08232453 - Registered charity number: 1153574