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Membership of the Fed is open to all individuals, institutions and organisations working in or for the benefit of Museums and Galleries in the region. Through membership of the Fed you can keep in touch with current issues and driving forces in the sector, and make your voice heard on a regional and national platform. It is very important to us that members feel welcomed by and as part of the Fed and if you have not already done so, we hope that you get the opportunity to attend one of our events soon, so that you can be introduced to other members.


Benefits of Fed membership:

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities

  • Exclusive tours of the region’s museums and galleries

  • A one-stop shop for your CPD needs

  • Access to museum and gallery specific training

  • Professional advice and support

  • A say on national and regional issues

  • A finger on the pulse of current developments

  • An opportunity to quiz sector leaders

  • Access to lively presentations and discussions

  • Run by you for you                          

Should you have any thoughts about how the Fed can improve, what we could do to help members, ideas for training events or themes/venues for the meetings, then please contact us.


Personal Fees


For individual members the annual membership fee is £15

Institutional Membership Fees

For Institutional Membership we have four financial entry levels based on annual income, which determine the amount that your organisation pays for membership.

  • Below £100,000 = £10 (provides 1 floating or nominated membership card)

  • £101,000 – £250,000 = £20 (provides 2 floating or nominated membership cards)

  • £251,000 – £500,000 = £30 (provides 3 floating or nominated membership cards)

  • £501,000 and over = £40 (provides 4 floating or nominated membership cards)

If you have any questions about membership please contact the membership secretary by e-mailing

Membership Fees

Individual Membership Application

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Institutional Membership Application

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