Mission and Values


“Assist with the development of excellent museums and galleries in Yorkshire and the Humber through the continuous development of museum workers.”


Our Objectives

  • To be known as an organisation that delivers excellent

  • networking opportunities

  • museums training

  • sector-specific information

  • CPD opportunities

To be highly regarded as an effective champion for

  • the museum and galleries and their workers in the region

  • partnership working both regionally and nationally


Our Values

  • Democratic – the Fed is a membership organisation run by you, for you

  • Inclusive – the Fed is where smaller museums and junior members have as much say as larger museums and senior members

  • Continuity – the Fed has been here for over 70 years, a source of stability in a rapidly changing world

  • Friendly – the Fed is the networking organisation par excellence and goes out of its way to make everyone feel welcome

  • Partnership – the Fed believes we are stronger if we work together and actively promote partnerships, regionally and nationally

  • Development – the Fed believes in the continuing development both of itself and its members